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LA Flex Made Easy By Max Energy

Your Single Solution For Local Authority ECO Schemes

Are you a Local Authority? Have you set up your LA Flex Scheme? Are you looking to launch an LA Flex Scheme? Could Max Energy help you?

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Typical heat loss from a house with no insulation......

Households are losing significant heat due to having poor insulation or none at all, putting additional strain on their finances. LA Flex can help address this and help the most vulnerable in the community through free funded insulation measures.

What is LA Flex

The graphic above shows how a typical home could be losing heat due to a lack of correctly installed insulation and ill fitting windows and doors. LA Flex is an extension of the current Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, which was set up by the government to help UK households reduce their energy bills and improve their carbon footprint. Improving home insulation goes a long way towards this, including cavity wall or loft insulation, new boilers and draft exclusion.


Unlike previous versions of the ECO scheme, Local Authorities now have the ability to set their own criteria regarding eligibility. This allows Local Authorities to extend the criteria beyond income, benefits received, pregnancy, age of occupants and illness.

How does LA Flex work?

Local Authorities are now able to define their own criteria for approval and work with ECO Accredited partners like Max Energy to install the approved measures.


We are able to offer a single solution to LA Flex, in the case of Max Energy’s partnerships, all installations are compliance-checked, pre-approved by the local authority and then Max Energy receive the funding for the work from the energy company responsible for the household.


This means that except for the approval of the work (which takes minutes per day) and any promotional work you wish to carry out, the impact on your resourcing is negligible.

Why is LA Flex important?

For your residents – cheaper bills, a warmer home in Winter and a cooler home in Summer. Plus, all work is permanent with the benefits lasting the lifetime of the house, correct insulation can also help bring up the EPC which could be beneficial when selling or renting your property.


For the Local Authority – Its a low-cost, low hassle scheme that can bring long term health and financial benefits for residents, reducing the strain on local health providers and social services.


For the environment – lower carbon emissions or the replacement of older heating technologies can help with local air quality and reduce strain on non-renewable fuel sources

What can we do for Local Authorities?

Cavity Wall Insulation

Loft Insulation

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