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Solar PV Installations To Help You Meet Sustainability Targets

Cost-Effective Solar Installation For New Build Developments

Our solar services help developers comply with Building Regulations and meet SAP requirements. To request a quote or learn more about the benefits of solar energy and our solar installation services please contact your Business Development Manager or contact our team on 0116 296 2700 or via email direct at [email protected]

Leading the future of sustainable homes

At Max Energy we install Solar PV to new build developments across the UK. Our solar installations contribute towards making the world a more environmentally friendly place to live whilst helping housing developers to meet sustainability targets and save costs.

Max Energy Ltd has many years experience in the construction and energy efficiency industry and pride ourselves on being at the forefront of  industry change, it is our belief that our Solar PV solutions offer a viable, cost-effective way to limit the effects of climate change, protect the planet for all our future generations and meet current and future Building Regulations.

We install In Roof  PV Systems to new build homes, our expert team will assist with every step of the process from design to install.

We are one of the few renewable energy companies in the UK who can install large scale solar systems on a full design and build basis with in-house design. By using our wealth of experience and the latest solar technology we aim to make solar energy good news for your pocket, and good news for the planet.

The benefits of in-roof solar systems

Solar PV is one of the greenest, cheapest, and easiest ways of generating energy. Solar helps developers to comply with Building Regulations and pass SAP requirements, whilst also contributing toward making the homes of the future more sustainable.

As demand increases for energy-efficient housing, Solar PV provides an ideal solution for housing developers who also need to meet renewable energy requirements and comply with local planning conditions.

Why choose Max Energy?

Why Solar? - Part L Building Regulations & Future Homes Standards

In preparation for the Government’s highly ambitious 2050 Net Zero Target, the forthcoming Future Homes Standard, set to be implemented in 2025, will see the housebuilding industry take a giant leap towards helping to meet the net zero target. This will see fossil fuels banned in all new homes.

As a first step, the latest building regulations – Interim Part L came into force in June 2022 – will see a transition to most new homes in England and Wales having solar panels fitted in the build process. This is already the case in Scotland.

Through this initiative, the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) aims to shrink carbon dioxide emissions in new build homes by up to 80%, compared to properties constructed under current building standards from 2025.

These future-proofed homes will be built to much higher standards of energy efficiency, with features like low carbon heating, improved insulation and ventilation and low energy lights as standard.


Solar PV installations help housing developers build zero carbon ready homes to meet renewable energy requirements in the Building Regulations, as well as local planning conditions. As the Future Homes Standard and Part L regulations are implemented, it will become standard for new build homes to have Solar PV installed.

Solar PV is also a cost-effective method of meeting sustainability targets, as it is cheaper than some alternatives.

Save the Planet

The world is suffering a climate crisis and things must change before it’s too late. The more that housing developers can do to help toward generating renewable energy and achieving net zero, the better.

Solar panels do not produce carbon emissions – this means if more homes have Solar PV installed, there will be a bigger positive impact on the environment. Solar PV also helps housing developers to improve CSR and to enhance your green credentials.

The Homeowner

A home powered by Solar PV is more attractive to buy to the end-user. People actively seek out sustainable homes where they can benefit from long-term energy savings while contributing toward helping the environment.

Solar panels also require minimal maintenance, rarely have issues and can even add value to a home.

In order to achieve Target CO2 Emission Rates (TER), new homes will also require a renewable energy source – widely expected to be cost-efficient Solar PV.

While 2025 still seems quite a way off, the Government’s changes to Part L of the Building Regulations (the conservation of fuel and power) – that came into force from June 2022 – will act as an interim measure to pave the way towards implementing the Future Homes Standard.

Of the 180,000 new homes built in England each year, currently around 10% have Solar PV installed; when the new regulations come into force, it is widely anticipated that this figure will jump to 80%, which will inevitably impact on the solar supply chain; creating a steep cliff of upwards demand for these technologies.

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