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December 22, 2021

Majority Agree Government Should Fund Energy Efficient Retrofitting Measures

When it comes to retrofitting our homes, the issue isn’t so much whether people want to include energy efficient measures and renewable technologies. The issue is, who’s going to pay for it? According to two recent YouGov surveys, many of us think it should be the Government’s responsibility.

MCS Charitable Foundation is a charity dedicated to raising awareness, support, and accessibility for low-carbon technologies. The foundation commissioned a report through YouGov asking 100 Conservative and Labour MPs what they thought about funding energy efficiency measures.

The results show some surprising cross-party agreement!

56% of the MPs asked agree that green energy retrofitting should be a priority for the government and funded by the treasury.  Fewer than half of them think that the government is doing enough to reach current net-zero goals.

77% also agree that small-scale renewable technologies, such as solar PV, should be included in all new builds from next year.

Coincidentally, another YouGov survey was recently commissioned by National Energy Action which asked members of the public a similar question.

According to this survey, 84% of respondents think the government should pay all, or at least some, of the cost of improving energy efficiency measures in poor households. 47% think the government should help everyone improve their home’s energy efficiency.

Plus, 66% of respondents think that it is more important that the UK transitions to net-zero in a way that does not increase living costs for the poorest among us, even if that requires additional funding from the government.

Neil Marshall, Director of Development and External Affairs at Effective Energy Group says, “Whilst the Government has committed significant funds to helping fuel poor households to heat and insulate their homes over the next 5 years, it needs to increase the level of funding further still and, importantly, introduce new funding support for those households who are not fuel poor if the UK is to achieve its fuel poor and net zero targets.”

As it stands Local Authorities will soon be able to bid for a portion of the £950 million Home Upgrade Grant budget, and there are other funding streams available. If you work for a Local Authority, a Housing Association, or a new-build housing organisation – we can help.

For support with bidding or project delivery, email [email protected] to discuss your options.